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ICRC / IFRC Guidelines for Emergency Assessment

Guidelines for Assessment in Emergencies: ICRC and IFRC, Geneva, March (2008)

These guidelines are designed for use by anyone undertaking an assessment, including: all members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; generalists, as no specific technical knowledge is required to use them.

What is community based psychosocial support?
Any emergency response should be owned, controlled and guided by the affected population. It should make use of the existing support structures at the family, community, local, national and international levels. From the earliest phase of an emergency the affected people should be involved to the greatest extent possible in the assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of any assistance.
Core principles
  • Human rights and equity
  • Participation
  • Do no harm
  • Building on available resources and capacities
  • Integrated support systems
  • Multi-layered supports
  • Community-based approach